Remote SCADA Monitoring & Field Automation

Optimize Production. Reduce Downtime. Increase Profits.

ScadaVisor is the only truly cloud-based automation and monitoring service serving the upstream and midstream Oil & Gas industry.  ScadaVisor delivers instant ROI with the ability to be up and polling devices in real-time in hours not weeks and months and all without the need for costly IT personnel.

ScadaVisor is web and cloud based giving you real-time access to your critical data from anywhere in the world and at any time. ScadaVisor runs on a true-cloud platform (Windows Azure) providing Oil & Gas producers with limitless scalability and computing power.  All of this translates into less downtime, increased production and more control for E&P operations.

ScadaVisor Monitors

  • Flow Computers
  • RTUs
  • PLCs
  • Rod Pump Controllers
  • Plunger Lift Controllers
  • Compressors
  • Vapor Recovery Systems
  • Tank Levels / Tank Sticks

ScadaVisor supports multiple device or continuous real-time monitoring via the web or a mobile device.  Operators can also manage gas samples, gas analysis and other configuration with support for bi-directional communication with field devices.  ScadaVisor also integrates directly and seamlessly with the FieldVisor production reporting system.

ScadaVisor Features

  • GIS Interface for All Monitored Assets
  • Management, Operation and Engineering Dashboards
  • Site Diagrams with LIVE Data
  • 100+ Included Reports Covering
    • Fluid Production
    • Gas & Liquid Measurement
    • Executive Level KPI Reports
    • Operations Status Reports
    • Projections & Forecasts
  • Real-time Polling & Analysis
  • Alarms and Notifications
  • Advanced Trending Capability

ScadaVisor Alarms On

  • Tank Levels
  • On-Hand Liquid Totals
  • Flow Rates and Pressures
  • Advanced Trending Alarms that look for Abnormal Fluctuations
  • Many more…

ScadaVisor can send alarm notifications email, text messages (SMS) and also voice callouts with support for many different notification configurations, notification levels, etc.  Alarms can be managed through the web, mobile application and even acknowledged via text message.

ScadaVisor Native RTU Support

ScadaVisor for OEMS

Does your company manufacture industry-leading field devices and need web and mobile technology that can take advantage of it? This is what we do.

  • Tailored interface for unique device functions and applications like plunger, gas lift, EOR optimization
  • Give your customers access to your devices via tablets and smartphones
  • Native integration with every other device your customer uses