• Quorum Business Solutions Acquires Fielding Systems
    Quorum Business Solutions Acquires Fielding Systems
    Provides Oil & Gas Clients Unparalleled Integration of Field, Transactional, and Financial Data
  • Remote Monitoring
    Remote Monitoring
    Take advantage of the latest web technologies and the power of the cloud with the industry's most advanced remote device monitoring and automation software.
  • Field Data Capture
    Field Data Capture
    Comprehensive field data capture and operations management for Oil & Gas including easy-to-use native iPad and Android apps.
  • Cloud Platform
    Cloud Platform
    Take advantage of the power, scalability, and flexibility of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform with Fielding Systems.

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Bringing Oil & Gas Companies into the Digital Oilfield.

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Software Services for Field Data Capture, Production Reporting, & Remote SCADA Monitoring

Field Data CaptureField Data Capture

Field Data Capture

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End-to-end field data capture and production management for E & P companies that are seeking to better manage their operation and increase oil and gas production.

Remote SCADA MonitoringRemote SCADA Monitoring

Remote SCADA Monitoring

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Remotely monitor and analyze field devices such as flow meters, pumpoff controllers, tanks, compressors, PLC’s, artificial lifts, and other SCADA devices.

Data Polling EngineData Polling Engine

Data Polling Engine

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VisorBridge polling engine is built to scale at a level that no other software package on the market can offer and supports devices such as TotalFlow and FloBoss using their native protocols.

  • “Fielding Systems can now provide its clients the benefits of the Windows Azure platform. Those benefits include data storage, reliability and disaster recovery, and pricing.”

    - Prashant Ketkar, Director of Product Management, Microsoft Windows Azure

  • “Fielding Systems’ cloud-based solution allowed us to incorporate field data capture and production reporting solutions onto a streamlined consolidated platform and cost effectively take advantage of the added infrastructure benefits of a robust Microsoft Azure cloud facility.”

    - Gary Bailey, VP Technology, Penn Virginia Oil and Gas

  • “I trained a contract pumper who had never used a Tablet and doesn’t own computer on how to use the Fielding Systems FieldVisor Production Reporting APP on an IPad. It took less than 30 minutes and he’s doing great.  It’s a testament to the easy adoption and use of a powerful program.”

    - Senior Operations Engineer, Felix Energy

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Data to Information

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Get the information you need, when you need it and where you need it.



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Fielding Systems provides the latest in mobile solutions on your favorite mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phones. Get to your critical data from anywhere in the world.

GIS ViewsGIS Views

GIS Views

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Innovative GIS views give you a birds’ eye view of your wells, devices and vehicles with critical field data.



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Advanced trending features allow you to view trends, drill into data, export charts and compare against data tables.



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Detailed and flexible reporting options which includes the ability to schedule reports to be sent when you need them and in the format you need them.

Our Oil & Gas Software Platform

At Fielding Systems, we decided from the start that in order to truly capitalize on available technology we had to build our software from the ground up and on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. Our system does not rely on a collection of third party packages. This gives us the control and flexibility required to meet the needs of our Oil & Gas customers.

Whether big or small, our goal is to provide the critical production or operations information needed to those who need it, when they need it. Whether you are an executive, field manager or a pumper you can access the information you need from anywhere.




What we do and what we don’t do


Use the Latest Available Technologies
Love Technology
Constantly Innovate


Rely on Outdated Technologies
Store Your Data in a Closet

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